Process Development


Elsyca offers a range of services to help the customer in applying a new electrochemical surface treatment process to a new or existing product or part.

Given a certain product or part and certain customer specifications on the plated or electropolished surface regarding for example maximal roughness, corrosion and wear resistance, Elsyca will help in:

  • selecting the most suited electrolyte that is available from the market;
  • optimizing the electrolyte composition and operating temperature;
  • defining the process parameter window (current density, flow conditions, process time,…);
  • selecting the type (soluble or dimensionally stable) and shape of counter electrodes (rods, anode baskets with pellets,…);
  • defining the electrical current mode (DC , unipolar or bipolar pulsed, ramped).

An engineering project that aims at the application and optimization of a new electrochemical surface treatment process will most often involve electrolyte characterisation activities, possibly combined to a plateability analysis on the part that is subject to this new surface treatment process.

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