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A revolution in digital PIMS combining Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management System (PIMS) and computational modeling capabilities
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Deep analysis of AC threats supporting efficient mitigation systems computer-aided design
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Graphical simulation platform for cathodic protection and DC stray current analysis of pipeline networks
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3D CAD-based software simulation platform for the computer-aided design and analysis of cathodic protection installations
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Leverage a digital twin of your plating line to predict plating performance and increase manufacturing capacity
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The world’s only PCB DFM software that applies automated and optimized copper balancing to your PCB design and panel layout.
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State-of-the-art graphical simulation platform for enhancing the plating performance of your PCB panel and pattern plating processes.
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CAD independent software platform for the simulation of the automotive electrocoating process of a body-in-white (BIW).
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Simulate the performances of electropolishing processes based on a virtual mock-up of the electropolishing cell.
Elsyca AnodizingManager
State-of-the-art graphical simulation platform for analyzing the production performance and quality of anodizing processes.
Elsyca CorrosionMaster
CorrosionMaster identifies corrosion hot spots and predicts corrosion rates, enabling engineers to look at alternative material combinations and/or coating systems, or investigate corrosion-mitigating measures.
Elsyca LeakageMaster
Improve vehicles interior acoustic comfort by performing upfront virtual smoke tests.
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Automatically creates meshes for a variety of applications such as acoustics, CFD, thermal analysis, etc
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Interactive simulation results viewer for Finite Elements results
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Analyze, Understand and Get Immersed in your results

How to get the next generation of electroplating engineers ready for the digital transformation of the industry?

Feature interview with Dr. Adriana Ispas, Research Associate, Technische Universitaet Ilmenau (TU Ilmenau), Germany.

How to get the next generation of electroplating engineers ready for the digital transformation of the industry?


The TU Ilmenau is the exclusive university in Germany to offer a master’s program that includes electrochemistry and applied electroplating courses, besides electrocrystallization and electrochemical corrosion.

Dr. Adriana Ispas, Research Associate in charge of "Applied electroplating" course of practical experiments at the university, has introtuced Elsyca PlatingManager solution to her students.

The software offers various tutorials to teach them how to write electroplating protocols that would optimize the final plating quality, with the guidance of a numerical solution. This will allow them to become autonomous and focus on the analysis of the simulation results.

It is therefore a great opportunity to prepare them for what the industry is now moving toward for some years: the use of digital twin solutions.

Learn more about how Elsyca PlatingManager has been used at TU Ilmenau!

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