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Calibration techniques used to align desktop AC Interference models with real-world pipeline data

Protect Webinar Series 2020

Calibration techniques used to align desktop AC Interference models with real-world pipeline data

Join our Elsyca CP expert, Gerald Haynes, as he will present computational-based improved survey efforts that optimize mitigation of the AC interference:

During the session attendees will:

  • Receive an overview of the potential AC interference risks caused by mismatch of desktop AC interference modelling and the real-world pipelines
  • Gain a knowledge on the proper computational model calibration that enables to avoid abovementioned risks in no time
  • Learn about the alternative cost-saving methodologies of AC interference and AC mitigation studies that are compliant with the currently existing standards
  • Have a possibility to register for a live demo of the discussed 3D computational AC modelling, presented on a customized case

From a safety and pipeline integrity perspective, the AC interference and subsequent AC mitigation system should accurately define the touch voltage and AC Corrosion Current Density (AC CCD) risks. Nevertheless, there is often a disconnect between the desktop AC interference modelling and the real-world pipeline, which may be directly attributed to site specific conditions.
For instance, the local changes in the soil resistivity influence occurring high AC CCD peaks. If these locations are not adequately addressed the AC CCD risks are then exaggerated, overlooked or underestimated, impacting the magnitude and location of the AC mitigation installation. Advanced 3D modelling approaches optimize the AC interference analyses, ensuring the correct location and improved accuracy of the required AC grounding system.

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