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Cathodic Protection Optimization using Integrated External Corrosion Management (AMPP 2024)

AMPP 2024 Conference Paper

Cathodic Protection Optimization using Integrated External Corrosion Management (AMPP 2024)

Cathodic Protection Optimization using Integrated External Corrosion Management

Keith Parker, Enbridge Employee Services Inc.; Christophe Baete, Elsyca NV.; Trey Johnston, Corrpro Companies, Inc.

Paper presented at the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo, New Orleans LA, USA, March 2024.


Monitoring and maintaining cathodic protection systems is a significant effort for operators each year. Annual survey locations are typically established at features such as casings and foreign pipeline crossings where abnormal operating conditions could result in elevated corrosion rates. Additional test stations are commonly located such that a maximum spacing is not exceeded and installed at locations of convenience, but it is unclear which test station locations provide meaningful data with respect to the risk of external corrosion failure.

This paper reviews findings of a collection of case studies performed by the Integrated External Corrosion Management (IECM) team since 2021. The IECM program integrates traditional corrosion inspection data such as inline-inspection (ILI) and annual cathodic protection (CP) surveys with digital twins to assess configuration of the external corrosion protection systems. The paper discusses improvements to the process for assessing model accuracy, results of validation, and high-level cost benefit analysis for continuing the program for selected case study pipeline segments.


The Enbridge External Corrosion Prevention team (ECP) has continued its effort of developing an Integrated External Corrosion Management (IECM) process, intended to allow progression from a reactive approach relying on pipe-to-soil potential measurements to a state-of-the-art proactive strategy commensurate with industry expertise and technology. The IECM process has been previously introduced and demonstrated in papers presented at CORROSION 2022 and 2023.1,2 Since these papers have been presented, additional case studies have been undertaken to further refine methodologies by which model accuracy is assessed, model improvement testing is performed, and decisions are made. This paper describes process improvements made in the last year of development and associated findings from case studies performed on 10 pipeline segments

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