Due to the considerable capital investment, production infrastructure for electrochemical manufacturing is often in use for a few decades and must be able to deal with a variety of parts to be manufactured. Therefore it is important to design electrochemical cells considering this potential mix in products and to validate the infrastructure in order to ensure a smooth and robust transition towards production.

Elsyca has the technology and expertise to be a valuable and independent partner in the design, engineering and validation of electrochemical cells and tanks. Elsyca's in-house expertise and unique simulation technology enable a fast and accurate design of new electrochemical cells or re-design of existing surface treatment cells for revised requirements. When integrated with the patented Elsyca Intellitool technology, the production performance is brought to unparalleled levels.

  • Elsyca batch (prototype) cell design projects focus on achieving the highest uniformity at maximum production speed. Elsyca designs and assembles these cells in-house, including construction of the thermostatically controlled electrolyte reservoir, fluid flow circuit, pumps, rotameters and rectifiers. Wet run tests help to validate and fine-tune the initial concept and determine the optimum process conditions.

In this field Elsyca designed and constructed a prototype cell for electroplating rectangular substrates with a copper/indium/gallium layer as a process step for producing CIGS type solar cells.

  • In the case of a continuous (reel-to-reel) plating, anodizing or electrochemical etching lines, Elsyca’s concept engineering focuses on the choice between liquid contact cells or physical electrical contact through a roll, on the number of required contact locations, on the number of required tanks/cells, on the anode configuration and on the forced flow arrangement.

For reel-to-reel anodizing processes this has lead to new cell concepts that allow speeding up the foil movement by 70% compared to traditional equipment, while still achieving all product specifications.

Elsyca's knowledge of the supply chain in the electrochemical industry ensures a fit-for-purpose design. The CAD assembly technical drawings and bill-of-materials of the designed cell are transferred to the customer together with the underlying engineering simulation study.

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