Elsyca PaintAnalyzer


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Part of Elsyca’s EcoatMaster success is owed to Elsyca’s proprietary electrochemical lab characterization. High-quality input data is critical to achieve accurate and reliable e-coat simulation results.

Elsyca can provide lab training to its customers in the execution of the lab experiments in order to capture the electrochemical properties of their paint baths.

Elsyca PaintAnalyzer allows lab trained customers to autonomously add new e-coat paints to their Elsyca EcoatMaster platform, giving them full ownership of the entire e-coat simulation process.

The complex process for fitting the physico-chemical data is now handled by the software limiting user interaction to a strict minimum.

Key features are:

  • Creates Elsyca EcoatMaster paint database format from raw lab data
  • Automatically fits experimental data to Elsyca EcoatMaster physico-chemical model
  • Fine-tuning is easily done by attributing more or less importance to raw data points
  • Statistical analysis summarizes fitting quality in a red/yellow/green colour code
  • Automatic export of paint files to Elsyca EcoatMaster

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