May 25, 2023

We are pleased to introduce you to the latest version of Elsyca PCBBalance.

Discover the new features of PCBBalance v2.1

✔ Additional color plot visualization options

Plot Key Performance Indicator values per PCB product on the panel including:​

  • Standard Deviation;​
  • CPK;​
  • Fraction of surface within specifications.

✔ Copper balancing Gerber output files

Possibility to adjust copper balancing position by defining small shifts in (X,Y) directions upon export.

✔ Definition of no-go zones

Zones that are to be excluded from copper balancing can be defined:​

  • Using a gerber input file containing the outline of the no-go zones;​
  • Using a gerber input file containing a full image of these zone.

✔ Presets parameters: Import and Export

  • Possibility to import predefined plating process and balancing parameter sets (recipes) from a custom directory for direct use in PCBBalance;​
  • New recipes can be saved to custom directory (if user has necessary admin rights).

✔ Plating line selection

Manual selection of plate boxes from library or automatic selection based on panel size.

✔ Balancing Parameters

Decoupling of front and back side image balancing parameters to allow optimal copper balancing pattern on both sides.

✔ Advanced simulation algorithm

More accurate prediction of the copper deposit thickness in and around HDI areas to account for high local copper density fractions during the copper plating processes.

What about its predecessor Elsyca PCBBalance?

Simulation projects executed in the previous version of Elsyca PCBBalance should not be opened in the current one but should be rerun with Elsyca PCBBalance v2.1