Elsyca announces release of new ECM (ElectroChemical Machining) module in the Elsyca PlatingMaster software tool.

This new PlatingMaster ECM module enables the upfront design of the ECM process, including the design of the cathode tool shape, its position and movement, the masking of the workpiece and / or cathode tool, and determining process parameters such as the total imposed current or potential difference (DC or pulsed) and process time.

This module replaces the former stand-alone software tool Elsyca ECMMaster. Performance has been further improved by a more accurate and flexible shape change algorithm, also allowing for touching bodies.
The features that were present in Elsyca ECMMaster have been entirely maintained in the PlatingMaster ECM module:

  • robust and fast numerical solver calculating potential and current distributions for complex 3D configurations;
  • shape change of the workpiece simulated over a number of user defined time steps
  • support of moving cathode tools
  • extendable database of polarization curves
  • entirely integrated in the SolidWorks® CAD environment, offering a cost-efficient and user-friendly interface for handling CAD models of the parts to be machined and the cathode tools used;
  • automatic output of results to Elsyca XPlorer, the visualization and post-processing environment that allows sharing 3D simulation results with other stakeholders.