Oil and gas is transported over long distances from the well to the production and storage facilities and distributed to the end customers. Well casings, pipelines and storage tanks are in contact with soil or seawater and require cathodic protection measures.

In order to execute a comprehensive overview of the integrity of the pipeline network, extensive field surveys are mandatory but are very time consuming and expensive, and fail to provide the expected quality. Upfront modelling provides immediately an informed insight into the pipeline's corrosion protection, and helps to plan, interpret, and improve survey campaigns.

Elsyca provides technology and services that help to meet your regulatory requirements for Pipeline Integrity Management (as e.g. ECDA, NTA-8000, …) and Risk Based Inspection:

  • in the design phase: simulation-based project & material cost estimates, and guaranteed designs that meet the corrosion protection criteria;
  • in the operating phase: through modelling, the asset manager controls upfront the risks related to changes in the pipeline configuration or operational conditions;
  • for mitigation: identify and investigate AC and/or DC interference of neighbouring structures and provide solutions to address these, even for the most complex situations;
  • for field surveys: better planning of survey campaigns and defining prioritization areas for ECDA strategies
  • for risk assessment and integrity management: modelling the complete network gives a comprehensive overview of the corrosion protection and allows identifying risk zones; through correlation with field data anomalies are discovered without delay and the CP system can be adapted for any evolving environment.

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