The harsh offshore environment makes the corrosion protection of fixed offshore platforms, FPSOs (floating production, storage, and offloading units), and even wind turbine foundations (monopiles, tripods, jackets, etc.) a particularly challenging task.

To guarantee corrosion protection during the entire service life, a cathodic protection system must take into account many parameters: water depth, soil condition, seawater flow speed, coating breakdown, potential interferences with subsea structures, build-up of calcareous layers, etc.

Elsyca's software and services can help in many ways:

  • define the scope of material supply based on objective simulation results;
  • design the CP system - amount and location of anodes and reference electrodes, striking the optimum balance between cost and performance;
  • deliver a techno-commercial evaluation of impressed current (ICCP) vs. galvanic anode (SACP) system;
  • design a CP retrofit to facilitate a corrosion-free life extension.

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