Elsyca MeshingMaster


Elsyca MeshingMaster automatically prepares meshes for computation for a variety of applications such as acoustics, CFD, thermal, etc. It allows to repair, optimize, re-mesh, and isolate the mesh (e.g. to separate exterior mesh for CFD from interior mesh for acoustics). Replacing this manual process by a fully automated approach can save several weeks of valuable engineering time.

Key Features

The automation of manual operations includes :

  • Repair
    • Healing mesh gaps
    • Merging disconnected surfaces
    • Removing duplicated surfaces
    • Solving intersections
    • Thickening of surfaces
  • Optimize
    • Robust re-mesher
    • Adaptive grid size
    • Flexible element size
    • Zone/edge sensitive
  • Isolate
    • Identify geometric holes and recesses
    • Closing holes


The functionality of Elsyca MeshingMaster allows to tune the output taking care of the specific requirements of different applications, like acoustics, e-coating,…


Download the product flyer here.

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