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Fine-tune production settings to deliver consistent quality

Knowing instead of guessing

The copper plating step in the PCB production process is one of the most critical and hard ones to control. It requires experts with a lot of experience and full understanding of the complex interaction of the production process. This includes infrastructure, panels to be plated, electrolyte and the final configuration including all tooling and rectifier settings.

Knowing instead of guessing is the key to success, and that is exactly what Elsyca PCBPlate simulation software will provide. 

Each new – or existing – configuration can be validated and optimized, avoiding time and cost consuming trial-and-error steps.

To put his in perspective: the simulation results of a full rack are available in minutes – starting from scratch, and this on a normal computer desktop – or even laptop system.

The information on layer thickness distribution is not limited to the surface, but includes detailed information on the panels as well.

Some examples

Check the impact of adding tooling to a configuration:
The image shows - clockwise - the original layer thickness distribution, the tooling (shields and copper wires) and the resulting layer thickness distribution.

Check the impact of a non-consistent flightbar load

In short: this software helps you to upfront identify problems and do something about it NOW, BEFORE you actually start production or implement a configuration.

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