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Creating PCB panels that hit a sweet spot between quality and cost

Spot-on copper balancing

Your panel layout has a major impact on the success or failure of achieving within-spec surface uniformity during the plating step in manufacturing.

A panel which includes identical boards – with identical copper fractions – will not deliver identical layer thicknesses. Just like the design of one board has an impact on the layer thickness on the board, will a panel layout have an impact on the overall layer thickness distribution over the boards on the panel. Adding copper balancing may result in a more uniform distribution, but this is a tedious and time consuming task. This is however your last chance to optimize your input for the production process, it must be ‘spot-on’.

Your layout choices have an impact on all subsequent steps, this software helps you to upfront identify problems and do something about it NOW while you still can.

Elsyca PCBBalance simulation software makes you the master of quality by providing detailed feedback on the layer thickness distribution and on top of that, also by generating the most performant copper balancing with a single mouse click.

The most critical areas on the panel will be identified, focusing testing resources on where they are most needed. The image underneath shows the original.

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