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PCB Webinars for CAM engineers

New simulation tools for PCB and panels

Elsyca developed a new exciting technology for PCB CAM engineers to validate the panel layout against plating targets and automatically add copper balancing.
This results in panels with a more uniform layer thickness distribution and less plating related production problems.

Watch the video and read more on the key features & benefits on www.elsycapcbbalance.com

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This series of webinars has ended.

But please contact us on info@elsyca.com  to find out how simple it works.
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Find out in one of Robrecht’s webinars how simple it works.

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  • Copper balancing should be done, not only at the panel level in PCB FAB, but every PCB designer should be taught the many benefits of copper balancing and incorporate the concepts into their board designs.

    Rick Hartley, Principal Engineer, RHartley Enterprises
    (High Speed and EMI Design Consultant)