Why choose LeakageMaster by Elsyca

Elsyca LeakageMaster: Everything you need for air-borne noise analysis

Due to the ever increasing complexity of the body-in-white (BIW), it is a very challenging exercise to understand how noise propagates through the labyrinth of the vehicle’s structure. Today, acoustic engineers perform ultrasound or smoke tests to identify these noise paths. However, this is only feasible late in the development process once prototypes are available, and moreover, the physical tests do not tell anything about the actual trajectory of these noise paths nor how to block them in the optimal way.

Elsyca LeakageMaster solves these issues: starting from a computer model of the BIW, the acoustic paths are identified including the full route details through the reinforcement structures. Based on this information, the engineer can interactively choose between a variety of sealing measures, and validate the acoustic performance.

Taking the guesswork out of acoustic leakage engineering

Elsyca LeakageMaster is an interactive tool for the Acoustic Engineer to identify acoustics leakage paths, automatically create plugs and custom sealants, easily manipulate the model and verify the effect of sealing measures on the acoustic leakage.