Elsyca CPMaster


Elsyca CPMaster is a CAD-based software simulation platform for the design and analysis of cathodic protection installations. Elsyca CPMaster is typically used for the CP protection of structures such as off-shore oil platforms, FPSOs, ship hulls, ballast tanks, offshore wind turbine foundations, storage tanks,… and is also applied for detailed 3D analyses on specific areas of pipeline networks such as crossings.

Key features

The key features are:

  • seamless integration within SOLIDWORKS® for CAD modeling;
  • automated & high-quality finite element mesh generator;
  • application-specific modules such as;
    • 'calcareous layer growth' for off-shore applications;
    • 'electromagnetic signature – UEP/CRM' for military vessels;
    • 'anode dissolution & shape change' for anode consumption calculations;
  • robust, fast and accurate solver;
  • calculation of off-, on-, IR-free potentials and current densities;
  • open database for material/environment polarization data;
  • powerful 3D visualization environment – Elsyca XPlorer.

The Elsyca CPMaster technology was completely developed in-house – from grid generation & solver up to post-processing and visualization – and has been validated through numerous industrial engineering projects with leading companies.

Elsyca CPMaster provides the corrosion engineer with an invaluable tool for designing, optimizing and troubleshooting CP installations with immediate benefits of guaranteed corrosion protection, lower operational life costs, reduced survey load and fewer repairs while simultaneously making ecological gains.


Examples of the use of Elsyca CPMaster:


Download the product flyer here.

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