Elsyca DAGS (Deep Anode Groundbed Simulator)


Elsyca DAGS is a software simulation tool for the design of vertical deep anode groundbed systems. By considering a multi-layered soil, Elsyca DAGS calculates the optimum depth of the groundbed that achieves a minimum overall resistance-to-earth and a limited disturbance of the earth surface potential.

Key Features

The key features are:

  • stand-alone modeling software;
  • robust, fast and accurate solver;
  • detailed data entry of the anode bed layout and soil;
  • 3D parametric model w.r.t. groundbed dimensions, depth, and inter-anode spacing;
  • considers the resistivity effects of backfill and multi-layered soils;
  • calculation of anode bed resistance-to-earth and potential distribution at earth ground level;
  • automated optimization of anode depth.


The Elsyca Deep Anode Groundbed Simulator gives the corrosion engineer an intelligent tool for the optimum design of deep anode ground beds.


Download the product flyer here.

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