Cathodic Protection design engineering by Elsyca


Valuable assets that are located in corrosive environments such as offshore, in coastal areas, or buried in the soil, are typically protected against corrosion by coatings and cathodic protection systems. Proper material selection and an effective CP design are crucial to assure integrity of the structure during its service life.

Wide range of services

Elsyca's cathodic protection design & engineering cover a wide range of services - from design and commissioning up to CP monitoring and maintenance:

  • on-site investigative study / troubleshooting / survey;
  • modeling-based design and computer-aided engineering;
  • as-is analysis and retrofit optimization;
  • commissioning and CP performance verification;
  • service life monitoring, inspection, and surveys.

Accurately modelling

A distinguishing element in our services is our capability to accurately model the structure in virtual space and simulate the performance of the CP system. Having such a virtual 3D model enables us to:

  • predict how corrosion control strategies will protect the pipeline or structure;
  • quickly evaluate various CP design alternatives;
  • model the performance of both sacrificial anodes and/or ICCP systems;
  • diagnose anomalies by correlating simulation results with field measurements;
  • take into account stray currents originating from 3rd party systems;
  • identify the critical areas and verify local protection levels;
  • trace conceptual mistakes before any actual installation;
  • optimize your future survey planning, prioritized towards critical areas.

Ultimately, the 'design and engineering powered by virtual simulation' reduces risk by assuring the safety, reliability, and integrity of the structure. But at the same time, cost savings with respect to capital equipment as well as long-term maintenance are inherent to this approach and a much better insight is obtained into the CP performance and longevity of the structure/pipeline.

Customers appreciate Elsyca for the insight we bring based on our experience and 3D technology, leveraged with our partnering approach, bringing peace of mind when it comes to corrosion protection.

More Background

A concise overview is given below how Elsyca's design and engineering services are applied for pipelines, well casings, grounding systems, offshore structures, marine vessels and harbor structures.


CP design - Elsyca helps defining the correct design and material requirements for new installations and pipeline network extensions. Different design options are investigated up-front reducing unexpected fall-outs and insuring long-term performance.

CP performance & maintenance - Coating degradation and anode consumption decrease the protection efficiency of pipelines. The traditional approach is to verify the performance with costly surveys that are limited to the test posts. Combining survey with modeling allows prediction of the life-expectancy of the entire assets even in congested areas or for complex pipeline geometries where it is difficult to measure pipe-to-soil potentials.

Pipeline Integrity Management - Elsyca offers a virtual PIMS module that synchronizes with Pipeline Integrity Management systems. Customized software is integrated in the PIMS allowing simulation of CP performance and correlation with large amounts of field data. Results are then available in Elsyca's software or in existing cartography systems.

AC Interference & Mitigation - Personnel safety and corrosion risk on AC affected pipelines in ROW are assessed by Elsyca's engineers resulting in the correct positioning and amount of the required AC grounding systems. Various operating conditions (steady-state and fault) are considered in the study allowing the full coverage of inductive and conductive effects that might occur on the pipeline.

Dynamic DC stray current analysis - Pipelines affected by DC traction systems or third party CP systems require in-depth investigation of the accelerated corrosion risks. In the case of railroads, the dynamic behavior of the DC interference is simulated by Elsyca's project team for an unlimited number of train positions and network configurations. Elsyca's approach allows up-front mitigation by determining e.g. the required drainage or anode bed systems.

Inspection and surveys - Elsyca has a team of experienced cathodic protection specialists to meet the highest requirements in the field of pipeline surveys (DCVG/ACVG, CIPS,...). The combination of survey methods and simulation technology allows mapping the complete pipeline network with limited effort while maintaining a good grip on corrosion threats that might affect the pipeline. Elsyca's approach results in an in-depth analysis of the current pipeline structural health.

Well Casings

Protection against corrosion along the well casing is a challenging task since the pipeline crosses different soil layers of various compositions over long distances and because the condition of the cemented coatings is usually unknown. Elsyca helps designing CP systems through numerical modeling and assists improving the CP performance by comparing simulation results with e.g. EI logs.

Grounding systems

Elsyca has in-house experience to verify grounding efficiency of complex electrical systems. The safety relevant touch and step potentials are determined at fault conditions for surrounding metallic structures. For piping systems, the coating stress is analyzed for the simulated soil potential rise.

Offshore structures

Elsyca offers support in ICCP and SACP system design of offshore structures such as semi-submersible rigs, oil platforms, windmill foundations, subsea systems etc. The protection level and the local current density of the structure are calculated and results can be used to evaluate ROV inspections. Time dependent effects like coating degradation and calcareous deposit formation are considered. Numerical modeling enables to predict the service life of sacrificial anodes so that retrofit programs can be correctly planned and budgeted.


Elsyca offers design of CP system for naval and marine vessels for the external protection of the hull or the internal protection of ballast tanks. For military purposes the CP design can be combined with electromagnetic signature studies and solutions are proposed for the optimal CP configuration.

Elsyca also has an important experience in the corrosion protection of harbor structures, e.g. sheet piles and jetty structures.


Corrosion protection systems for rebars in concrete structures can be designed by Elsyca's modeling software. The high resistivity of the concrete material makes anode positioning very important. Stand-off distance of anode meshes in the conrete slab or the distribution of remotes anodes around submerged concrete structures is determined by numerical calculations allowing insight in the protection efficiency of the envisaged CP system

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