AC Mitigation


Pipelines sharing right-of-ways (ROW) with overhead power transmission lines or underground AC power cables are subjected to electromagnetic interference resulting in potentially lethal shock hazards and risks of accelerated AC corrosion.

To guarantee safe operation under AC interference conditions, all possible scenarios that involve inductive and resistive interference require investigation:

  • maximum and nominal steady-state load of the power line;
  • one- and three-phase conductor faults;
  • lightning strikes on the power transmission tower.

Elsyca's software and services can help in various ways:

  • establish the zones of the pipeline network under risk of AC interference;
  • determine the level of AC interference in relation to touch potentials on the pipeline, soil potential rise, step potentials and coating stress;
  • design AC mitigation solutions;
  • fix the amount and locations of AC drainage systems;
  • study impact of modifications to the pipeline network on AC mitigation.

Elsyca's engineering approach considers both the complete power transmission infrastructure as well as the full pipeline network for the geographical zone under investigation.

Case study

A case study on modeling and troubleshooting AC interference on pipelines can be viewed here.

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