Webinar: Preventing Soil Side Corrosion for AGST using 3D Computational CP Modelling


Join our Elsyca CP expert, Gerald Haynes, as he will present a new technological approach in successful mitigation of a soil side corrosion on Above Ground Storage Tanks (AGST):

During the session attendees will:

  • Receive an overview of the current practices in identifying a soil side corrosion on AGST;
  • Gain knowledge on the alternative methodologies in successful corrosion risk assessment and mitigation that are compliant with the existing standards;
  • Learn how implementation of these alternative methodologies gives a potential for significant cost savings;
  • Have a possibility to register for a live demo of the discussed 3D computational CP modelling, presented on a customized case.

AGST are complex and complicated structures, for which the CP system has to be installed in confined and redistricted environments, accounting for leak-detection systems and other construction features. As experience shows, the AGST CP systems cannot be appropriately designed using dated analytical formulae, which are better suited to pipelines and remote earth conditions. Thus, it seems reasonable to make a use of the advanced 3D computer modeling approaches in order to predict the behavior of a CP system prior to its installation on the AGST structures and mitigate its appropriate functionality based on the properties of soil, steel surfaces, anode materials, position and depth.

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