July 1, 2016

Corrosion Durability Improvement Team is a research department which studies which method has the most excellent anti-corrosive performance regarding corrosion problems caused by diverse environmental factors.

The team is planning to do a galvanic corrosion research for automotive parts with welded dissimilar materials by using Elsyca CorrosionMaster.

CorrosionMaster is regarded as an easy-to-use software which requires no special knowledge about FEA and CAE. For example, from the perspective of Part Modeling, the file format that is used is not a specific non-universal file format but a common file format, ‘STL’. Also in terms of Model Element Division it requires no specific action because it starts automatically. At the end of a cycle a result is achieved showing the level of corrosion per current density of each related part and per time.

Especially when it comes to galvanic corrosion of parts with welded dissimilar materials, it should be able to demonstrate changes in the corrosion effects depending on the time duration, and it also should be able to demonstrate the level of corrosion per each area.

If the simulation of galvanic corrosion shows a reliable result because it reproduces the result of the field test or because the correlation of the two results can be justified, then I am sure that this will contribute to improving anti-corrosive performance and to reducing the development time for the related auto parts industry and R&D departments.