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Elsyca's History

The origins of Elsyca® go back to the research done by Professor Deconinck at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). With the rise of computing power at the end of the 70s, Professor Deconinck initiated the first attempts to model the physical laws that govern electrochemical phenomena. In subsequent years, research efforts intensified with funding from the European Community and resulted in the development and validation of new sophisticated electrochemical models of mass and charge transfer.

Elsyca was founded in 1997 as a culmination of these research efforts and derives its name from 'electrochemical system calculations'; its purpose was to leverage the electrochemical knowledge through software simulation tools and engineering services.

In 2003, Elsyca attracted venture capital to accelerate software development and sales and marketing, and to safeguard the required investments in intellectual property rights.

In 2006, Elsyca established an engineering branch in Cluj, Romania, and in 2008 Elsyca Inc was erected as subsidiary sales office in the USA to cater to the growing market in North America. In subsequent years, Elsyca gradually expanded its world-wide coverage through representative agreements with selected partner companies in China, Middle-East, etc.

Elsyca was heavily impacted by the automotive crisis of 2008-2010, but strategically diversified its services into new markets, primarily oil & gas, and was thus able to continue onwards on a path of product innovation.

End of 2016, at the eve of Elsyca’s 20th birthday, its management announced the buy-out of its non-executive shareholders. Jean-Marc Dewilde, Elsyca’s CEO commented: “This management buy-out enables us to preserve the integrity of the company and increase our investments in product innovation to retain our status as high-end technology supplier. We look forward to exciting times!”


Today, Elsyca is active in the markets of

  • corrosion design & engineering,
  • cathodic protection & AC mitigation,
  • surface finishing, and
  • electrochemical manufacturing

within a variety of industries – such as oil & gas, automotive, aerospace & defense, electronics and medical.

The combination of the practical engineering knowledge, the in-house developed family of engineering simulation tools, and the continuous focus on R&D and innovation has established Elsyca as a trustworthy and appreciated partner for many clients across the globe.

Our Management Team

The people behind the engineering innovation partner of choice.

  • Foto bij Jean-Marc Dewilde
    Jean-Marc Dewilde

    Managing Director of Elsyca, was entrusted with the general management of the company in 2011.

Jean-Marc Dewilde is managing director of Elsyca and chairman of the board of directors. Jean-Marc joined Elsyca in 2007 as vice-president sales and was entrusted with the general management of the company in 2011. Jean-Marc obtained his MSc in Applied Sciences from Ghent University and holds a post-graduate in aerospace engineering from the University of Brussels. In previous positions, he worked at ESTEC in The Netherlands, the technical heart of the European Space Agency, and at LMS International where he held various management positions.

Bart Van den Bossche and Leslie Bortels co-founded Elsyca back in 1997. They both hold a PhD in Applied Sciences from Brussels university (VUB) and,

together, (co-)authored more than 30 peer reviewed scientific papers as well as several patents on electrochemical engineering and cathodic protection related topics.

Bart is the engineering and R&D manager at Elsyca and has an extensive track record as an expert engineering consultant in the fields of electrochemical surface finishing, electroforming, electrochemical machining and corrosion.

Leslie is the software development manager and codevelops Elsyca’s innovative expert solutions in the fields of electrochemical surface finishing, cathodic protection & AC mitigation and corrosion. Leslie is also a NACE certified Cathodic Protection Tester & Cathodic Protection Technician.

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Elsyca is committed to continuous product innovation and invests significantly in research and development.

Our ongoing collaboration with the University of Brussels (VUB) and other universities world-wide helps us to expand the body of knowledge on the fundamentals and science of electrochemical processes as well as to continually improve the effectiveness of computer modeling as a design and analysis tool.

In recent years, Elsyca has conducted R&D - both internal as well as funded - in several domains.

Recent years

Supported by Vlaio funding, Elsyca develops the PlatingManager-PCB software solution, an expert tool for the analysis and quality & performance improvement of copper plating processes in Printed Circuit Board manufacturing.

Elsyca participates in the European H2020 research project entitled ‘mCBEEs’.  Within the scope of this project, pit corrosion populations will be studied, quantified, and modeled. The resulting models will then be coupled to the existing Elsyca CorrosionMaster platform for investigation of galvanic, atmospheric, and local corrosion phenomena.

Elsyca is a partner in the EU Horizon 2020 BeLeadFree project. This project aims to deliver novel Lead-free bearing materials by adopting innovative design & manufacturing. Elsyca’s role in this project mainly consists in developing suited tooling that enables plating different bearing types within specifications while using novel Lead-free plating baths.

Elsyca established a mathematical model to describe AC corrosion. The model includes the time-dependent electrical phenomena, the electrochemical reactions and the mass transport in the defect and the soil. The model shows an excellent agreement with real life test data for a large range of AC and DC process conditions.

Elsyca is instrumental in on-going research for the modeling of galvanic, uniform and localized corrosion and their coupling effects with the purpose of developing an engineering tool fit for designers as well as corrosion experts.

With funding of the RFCS program, Elsyca models the impact on the corrosion activity of the metallic coating compositions for various liquid films (pH, Cl, thickness ...) and to explore how the developed model can be integrated with life time prediction tools for real-life structures.

Elsyca implemented the 'multi-ion transport and reaction' model to extend beyond the scope of the potential model that underpins electrochemical simulations. This new model enables advanced simulations of copper superfilling of microstructures, electrograining of aluminum, co-deposition of different metals and localized corrosion.

To support its electrochemical simulation technology, Elsyca developed a proprietary wrapping and surface / volume meshing approach for complex 3D structures. This technology can be used stand-alone to generate high-quality meshes for applications outside of electrochemistry, such as acoustics, fluid flow and thermal analyses. [link naar relevante website]

Elsyca developed a proprietary process that deposits a 2 micron layer of the copper-indium-gallium precursor in less than 30 seconds with the required composition. A first test with an industry standard selenization process yielded a solar cell efficiency of 4%.

This European 7th Framework Program aims to develop a novel copper deposition process based on the use of non-aqueous solvents enabling device scaling beyond the 32 nm technology node. Elsyca's task is to design and simulate a prototype 300mm wafer plating tool for the non- aqueous deposition process.

This European 7th Framework Program aims to develop a next generation Micro-ECM sinking machine for the automotive, aerospace & medical device sectors. The role of Elsyca® is to develop the modeling of the Micro-ECM process to support the process development and upscaling.

With the objective of establishing technical guidelines for the extraction of sheet piles, Elsyca® simulates how the application of electro-osmosis can reduce the pull-out resistance of sheet piles in cohesive soils.

  • Customer: Exmar Offshore Company, Houston, Texas, USA

    CP Design for the Opti-Ex™ semi-submersible oil rig

  • Customer: TRW Automotive, Aschaffenburg, Germany

    Production of highly-decorated chromium plated steering wheel bezel

  • Customer: Enbridge Pipelines, Edmonton, Canada

    CP management of multiple pipeline right-of-ways

  • Customer: Nordic Yards, Wismar, Germany

    Seaproof CP design for windfarm transformers

  • Customer: Desfa and Kleidi Motorways, Athens, Greece

    Pipeline CP shielding effect by bridge foundation structure

  • Customer: Nobelwind, Leuven, Belgium

    Corrosion strategy for new offshore windfarm monopile foundations

  • Customer: Ingersoll Rand, Carmel, Indiana, USA

    Electroplating rack design for variety of door handles

  • Customer: Audi, Ingolstadt, Germany

    Electrocoating simulations for new vehicle programs

  • Customer: Ford, Detroit, Michigan, USA

    Plating simulation for production optimization and engineering design aid

  • Customer: Eurocircuits, Mechelen, Belgium

    Quality and production increase for copper electroplating of PCBs

  • Customer: Volvo Cars

    Mastering acoustic leakage with the help of Elsyca LeakageMaster

  • Customer: Hansgrohe Group, Schiltach, Germany

    Plating simulation for highest quality and faster, more efficient development

Career Opportunities

Elsyca is a dynamic company seeking talented people to help us develop and market our computational modeling solutions. Our success depends on our continuing effort to hire the right people with the skills, experience and the desire to grow with the challenges and successes that Elsyca will offer them.

If you are interested in joining our staff, we invite you to send a motivation letter and your resume to

Current job offers


Elsyca is continuously looking for talented and motivated students for a 3 to 6 months internship. Tasks include both project development and validation on Elsyca products.

If you are interested in an internship at Elsyca, please send your motivation letter to