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Reliability Of Coupons For Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring

Wednesday, September 16/2020, 4:00 pm CEST (Brussels) | 8:00 am MDT (Denver, CO)

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Join our Elsyca CP expert, Christophe Baeté, as he will present factors affecting coupon readings and the resulting margin of errors when predicting structure’s real protection level:

The effectiveness of the corrosion protection measurements on buried structures such as pipelines and storage tanks is normally verified by the aboveground measurements during annual surveys. However, there are potentially many measurement errors (e.g.IR-drop) that affect the accuracy of the field measurements. It is often very difficult to determine the true polarized protection level, at the coating defects, at the aboveground locations. Through the installation of coupons and probes, the asset owners try to replicate the polarization behavior of the structure coating defects as best as possible, and at more regular time intervals. How accurate are these coupon measurements, and how accurately do these coupons represent the actual structure coating defect?

During the session attendees will:

  • Receive an overview of the numerous factors which can affect the accuracy of the corrosion protection measurements
  • Gain knowledge regarding the accuracy of coupon measurements and their relationship and behavior with regards to the actual coating defects
  • Have the opportunity to register for a live demo of the discussed 3D computational CP modelling, presented on a customized case