Webinar: New Approach For Pipeline Corrosion Risk Assessment


Join our Elsyca CP expert, Christophe Baeté, as he will present a brand-new Pipeline Integrity Management Software (PIMS) surpassing compliancy requirements and corrosion assessment methodologies.

During the session attendees will:

  • Receive an overview of the current practices of the pipeline corrosion risk assessment;
  • Gain knowledge on the alternative methodologies to perform correct risk assessment analyses;
  • Learn about the role of an advanced computational modelling in corrosion risk assessment and mitigation of large pipeline networks (+1000 km);
  • Have a possibility to register for a live demo of the discussed advanced PIMS tool, presented on a customized case.

Pipeline Integrity Management Software (PIMS) tools require corrosion rates that are difficult to monitor directly on a pipeline what often results in post-mortem assessment by in-line inspection tools, and consequently high excavation and repair costs. The amount of power line corridors, pipeline crossings and transit systems threatening pipeline’s integrity is growing, especially in congested areas where unfortunately, high failure consequences are likely to happen. Proper mitigation designs and field surveys are put in place to prevent accelerated corrosion but conditions from third party systems may change unexpectedly. This is only partly captured with remote monitoring units (RMU), logging coupons and probes, upon condition that they are installed in. With evolving computer power and increasing knowledge in algorithms, computational modelling on large pipeline networks becomes feasible, enabling real-time integrity assessment when linked with survey or RMU databases. Real-time corrosion rates and metal losses are simulated at resolution of pipeline joint level, allowing timely and directed root-cause analysis and corrosion prevention.

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