CP design/engineering for pipelines


Elsyca's unique and comprehensive platform for expert modeling and simulation of the cathodic protection of pipeline networks provides all tools to predict how a particular system will perform even for the most complex situations. It can provide quantitative information on the CP levels achieved and the lifetime of the system, thus reducing the risk of systems not meeting the design goals and enabling future management of assets to be planned effectively.

Assuring safety & reliability, reducing costs over the service life of the pipeline and increasing insight in CP engineering, the Elsyca CP engineering solutions, including site survey services as well as design, validation & optimization services, ensure maximum pipeline integrity.

The use of the Elsyca technology helps identifying and mitigating conceptual mistakes before any actual CP
installation, by designing different set-ups using accurate, inexpensive, harmless and fast simulations. It creates a safe and cost effective on-screen virtual test environment, eliminating expensive trial and error experiments in the
field. Codes of best practices, backed by Elsyca's fundamental research technology, can be developed
resulting in optimizing pipeline integrity surveys.

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