CP design for offshore wind turbines


Elsyca's unique and comprehensive platform for modeling and simulation of the corrosion protection of off-shore wind turbines allows designing an effective cathodic protection installation as well as monitoring the corrosion protection over the service life of the wind farm.

With this technology, reliability of the corrosion protection over the complete structure is assured, leading to substantial cost reductions over the service life of the system. The technology mitigates the risk of not meeting the design goals and enables future management of assets to be planned effectively.

When steel structures are submerged in seawater, local potential differences will result in corrosion of the structure. To avoid this, cathodic protection systems are installed that force the potential of the steel structure towards more negative values, making it in effect the cathode of a galvanic cells. This can be achieved by both sacrificial anodes (that deplete over time) or impressed current anodes (with the help of DC power supply).

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