Modeling of Cathodic Protection Systems


Dr. Bortels and Prof. Deconinck contributed with a chapter on ‘Numerical simulation of the cathodic protection of pipeline networks under various stray current interferences’ to the book ‘Modelling of Cathodic Protection Systems’ that was published in 2006 by WIT Press (ISBN: 1-85312-889-9).


A simulation software for the design and evaluation of the cathodic protection (CP) of underground pipeline networks is presented. The macroscopic model behind the software expresses Laplace's equation in a flat and homogeneous three-dimensional half-space (soil) and takes into account the non-negligible ohmic voltage drop along the pipes. The soil (external problem) and pipes (internal problem) are coupled with each other through the pipeline coating. For this coating, an advanced model has been developed that takes into account the local soil resistivity, the holiday ratio, the average holiday size, the coating thickness and the coating resistance.

The model is solved using a combination of the boundary element method (BEM) for the external problem and the finite element method (FEM) for the internal problem.

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