ICCP retrofit for an offshore jacket
(NACE 2015)


An offshore jacket complex from the late sixties consisting of 5 platforms is protected by a conventional sacrificial anode system. Recent surveys have indicated that extending end service life with a minimum of 20 years requires a significant retrofit effort in the near future. Since replacement of individual anodes on a like-forlike basis would be very expensive, a retrofit option based on remote impressed current anode sleds was considered offering very considerable cost savings.

Remote ICCP anode sleds are relative easy to install but the design of such a CP system is more challenging.
Correct positioning of the sleds is critical for obtaining proper protection and avoiding overprotection. In this particular project the availability of target locations was limited because of various subsea pipelines connected to
the platforms and two large jack-up zones that should remain accessible.

The feasibility of using an ICCP system was therefore investigated through computational modeling. First the asis
CP status of the complex was simulated taking into account the current condition of the sacrificial anodes as observed during the latest survey. Secondly, an ICCP system was included in the model and different anode sled
positions were investigated until an optimal design was obtained. The remaining life of the anodes was ecalculated such that the amount of anode sleds was kept to a minimum. Through modeling the CP effectiveness of the combined system was validated and a cost-effective solution was proposed.

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