Aboveground Storage Tanks CP Modelling


Cathodic Protection (CP) of Aboveground Storage Tanks (AGST) is still under debate since decades costing the industry a few hundred million dollars per annum, but why?

In extremely confined areas, old school analytical formulae assuming uniform conditions, constant conductivities and no polarization simply do not work, and corrosion control becomes governed by chance.

Elsyca’s innovative AGST CP computational modelling has been providing groundbreaking technological solutions that can be verified prior to their installation. Elsyca’s 3D computational design and modelling provides complete potential and current distribution over the entire AGST floor surface, considers non-uniform soil conditions and takes into account the resistive behavior of MMO materials and connections and current drains to earthed structures. Visualizing the CP current flow and anodic/cathodic areas on the tank bottom plate allow optimizing designs with real world parameters and mitigating very costly repairs.

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