August 25, 2022

We are proud to be part of NICKEFFECT project!

NICKEFFECT, a new project co-funded by the European Commission's Horizon Europe programme, aims to develop novel ferromagnetic Ni-based coating materials to replace the scarce and costly Platinum and ensure high efficiency in key applications.

Running from June 2022 until June 2026, the NICKEFFECT project is led by a consortium that is a multidisciplinary team comprised of 12 partners including Elsyca from different EU and HEU countries. It covers stakeholders of the whole project value chain: scientific and technology developers, technology providers, end-users, as well as transversal partners.

The main objectives of the project:

Among several impacts the project will create, its main objectives are to:

  • Synthesise ferromagnetic coating materials to replace Platinum as raw material;
  • Develop measures to ensure that the materials are affordable, durable and with increased corrosion resistance for the different working environments;
  • Successfully upscale production process in pilot plant to coat real scale components;
  • Ensure a safe and sustainable by-design approach and define pathways for the recovery, recyclability, purification and re-use of materials at the end of the products life;
  • Develop a decision support tool to facilitate the adoption of the safe and sustainable criteria when designing and producing metallic coatings free of PGMs;

Visit the project's website to learn more: