August 3, 2022

How to effectively identify and mitigate acoustic leakages via upfront CAE simulations?

Cabin interior acoustic comfort is an essential pillar of vehicles’ comfort. With the electrification of the transportation industry, NVH designers and engineers have to deal with new interior acoustic landscape. Their efforts should not be jeopardized because of acoustic leakages that could have been identified at the very beginning of the structural design process.

In order to help vehicle designers and NVH engineers to collaborate as early as possible on the identification of undesired air leakage and the design of effective mitigation systems, Elsyca introduced the Elsyca LeakageMaster, a robust and dedicated CAE solution for acoustic leakage paths identification and mitigation. 

Developed in cooperation with Volkswagen, Elsyca LeakageMaster is a unique simulation technology able to identify possible acoustic leakages and evaluate countermeasures without costly physical approaches.

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