May 23, 2022

How Elsyca ECoatMaster accurately simulates the e-coat process

Also known as electrodeposited paint coating, or electrophoretic deposition, e-coating is the most effective method for applying a high-quality, uniform finish. Its inherent ability to provide full coverage of the deposited surfaces, to achieve lower paint layer thickness specifications and to withstand the salt spray test requirements, makes e-coating a valuable process for the automotive industry.

Elsyca ECoatMaster accurately simulates the entire e-coat process and allows engineers to apprehend the effects of all e-coat parameters on the final deposit quality. Based on a digital twin approach where the entire e-coating line infrastructure, vehicle BIW and e-coating program parameters are considered, Elsyca ECoatMaster predicts the current density and deposited paint layer thickness on the car structure. The identification of over- or under-deposited areas and validation of BIW design modifications, process parameters or tank properties have never been that simple.

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