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This new PlatingMaster ECM module enables the upfront design of the ECM process, including the design of the cathode tool shape, its position and movement, the masking of the workpiece and / or cathode tool, and determining process parameters such as the total imposed current or potential difference (DC or pulsed) and process time.

This module replaces the former stand-alone software tool Elsyca ECMMaster. Performance has been further improved by a more accurate and flexible shape change algorithm, also allowing for touching bodies.

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Read all about the features and benefits of Elsyca IRIS on the Elsyca IRIS landing page.

Elsyca IRIS (Inductive and Resistive Interference Simulator) is a state-of-the-art software tool for studying inductive and resistive interference effects between underground pipelines, railways, and other utilities and transmission power lines and cables. Elsyca IRIS enables the engineer to swiftly assess mitigation measures and verify mitigation designs for compliance with international standards.

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Elsyca designed the cathodic protection system for world’s first self-installing concrete gravity based wind turbine foundation structure. Royal BAM Group has been awarded a contract by EDF Energy Renewables via SPV Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Ltd, to design, fabricate and install five full-size gravity base foundations for wind turbines of 41.5MW capacity. A sacrificial anode system was designed for both internal and external corrosion protection purposes. Elsyca’s advanced CPMaster simulation platform and our in-house expertise was used for the in-depth analysis of the long-term cathodic protection effectiveness.

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