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Paulo Vieira is project manager at Elsyca. He started working at Elsyca in 2008. When Paulo first joined Elsyca, he focused on surface finishing, ranging from e-coating to electroplating projects. Over the last decade, this extended also to cathodic protection projects, particularly in the offshore industry. Paulo is also active in special projects, such as acoustic leakage project or meshing.

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In this article from World Pipelines, 'Trying not to interfere', Charlie Poore, SAE Inc., USA, recalls how a team of experts appied innovative technology to solve an AC interference issue in a harsh environment. 

As one of the premier AC interference modelling companies, Elsyca was part of a team of experts asked to provide a cost-effective solution to their issues. 

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Florin Muntean is part of Elsyca’s team in Romania. He graduated from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca and holds a master’s degree from the faculty of Automation and Computer Science. He joined Elsyca in 2006, becoming one of the first engineers in the Elsyca's Romanian branch.

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