Discover our complete solutions portfolio covering Cathodic Protection and Corrosion management - PCB design and plating - Functional and decorative plating - Electrocoating - Acoustics
Elsyca V-PIMS
A revolution in digital PIMS combining Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management System (PIMS) and computational modeling capabilities
Elsyca IRIS
Deep analysis of AC threats supporting efficient mitigation systems computer-aided design
Elsyca CatPro
Graphical simulation platform for cathodic protection and DC stray current analysis of pipeline networks
Elsyca CPManager
3D CAD-based software simulation platform for the computer-aided design and analysis of cathodic protection installations
Elsyca ACTA
Unique solution offering accurate, disambiguated, and tailored risk ranking report of pipeline networks
Elsyca PlatingManager
Leverage a digital twin of your plating line to predict plating performance and increase manufacturing capacity
Elsyca PCBBalance
The world’s only PCB DFM software that applies automated and optimized copper balancing to your PCB design and panel layout.
Elsyca PCBPlate
State-of-the-art graphical simulation platform for enhancing the plating performance of your PCB panel and pattern plating processes.
Elsyca ECoatMaster
CAD independent software platform for the simulation of the automotive electrocoating process of a body-in-white (BIW).
Elsyca EPOS
Simulate the performances of electropolishing processes based on a virtual mock-up of the electropolishing cell.
Elsyca AnodizingManager
State-of-the-art graphical simulation platform for analyzing the production performance and quality of anodizing processes.
Elsyca CorrosionMaster
CorrosionMaster identifies corrosion hot spots and predicts corrosion rates, enabling engineers to look at alternative material combinations and/or coating systems, or investigate corrosion-mitigating measures.
Elsyca LeakageMaster
Improve vehicles interior acoustic comfort by performing upfront virtual smoke tests.
Elsyca MeshingMaster
Automatically creates meshes for a variety of applications such as acoustics, CFD, thermal analysis, etc
Elsyca XPlorer
Interactive simulation results viewer for Finite Elements results
Elsyca XPlorer3D
Analyze, Understand and Get Immersed in your results

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We continuously invest in software innovations driven by our customers' needs. 

Services & Technology Transfer

Any interaction with our services is accompanied by one member of Elsyca's team of experts to ensure the best technology and know-how transfer. 

Research and Development

In-house research-grade laboratory and active participation to international projects ensure Elsyca to be ahead of innovation.

They trust our solutions


" Elsyca V-PIMS solution enables connecting the dots by visualizing pipeline corrosion risks between test stations. Today we are finally able to treat the symptoms, not the diseases. "
Corrosion Prevention Team Leader
Major Pipeline Operator
" The Elsyca ACTA screening service delivers fast, efficient and regulatory complaint results "
Corrosion Manager
Petrochemical Pipeline Operator
" Elsyca CatPro is the easiest-to-use modeling and simulation software for the design and maintenance of cathodic protection systems of buried pipelines. "
" Every PCB designer should be taught the many benefits of copper balancing and incorporate the concepts into their board designs. "
Rick Hartley
RHartley Enterprises
" I'm very impressed by Elsyca's new software that simulates copper finished thickness on plated layers. With a well-balanced design the finished PCB will have less fabrication issues and will electrically perform more consistently. "
Gerry Partida
Director of Technology at Summit Interconnect
" A program i can only recommend! We are working with Elsyca PlatingManager and the benefits are totally worth it! We can simulate any rack construction and alignment before building the actual rack. This can save material, money and time on our projects. "
Stephan Veenhuizen
Key Account Manager at SMK

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