Surface finishing solutions by Elsyca NV

Surface finishing solutions by Elsyca NV

Elsyca's modeling technology and capability deliver invaluable support to your design engineering and manufacturing excellence projects. Experts in electrochemical processes, Elsyca optimizes plating, forming, polishing, anodize and machining operations.

Where legacy trial-and-error approaches waste valuable time and money, Elsyca's electrochemical intelligence delivers substantial and immediate benefits: superior quality, faster time-to-market, lower scrap rates, lower material costs, all resulting in increased profits and customer satisfaction.

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Elsyca PlatingManager

Elsyca PlatingManager simulates plating performance based on a virtual mock-up of your plating line.

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Production of highly-decorated chromium plated steering wheel bezel at TRW

Multinational project under the leadership of TRW Automotive Safety Systems GmbH

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E-coating or electrophoretic painting is a coating process used for depositing an organic paint film by means of electrical charge.

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