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Assessing DC Interference On Buried Pipelines

Wednesday, December 16/2020, 4:00 pm CEST (Brussels) | 8:00 am MDT (Denver, CO)

This webinar has ended on Tuesday December 16, 2020.

Contact us on info@elsyca.com to get access to the recording.

Join our Elsyca CP expert, Christophe Baeté, as he will present how to maximize the DC interference risk assessment at minimum cost:

Rail transit, high-voltage DC power and 3rd party CP systems are the common sources of static and dynamic stray current interference that may jeopardize the pipeline’s integrity and thus, requiring frequent and costly surveys. Survey data are prone to errors and are only snapshots in time which do not cover all circumstances that are controlled by a third-party operator. On the other hand, international standards provide criteria that are too conservative driving unnecessary investments in mitigating unjustified risks. One may question: how to maximize risk assessment at minimum cost? This can only be answered when the true protection potential of a pipeline is predicted by complementing computational modelling with highly necessary field tests.

During the session attendees will:

  • Receive an overview of the standard survey data errors and how are they currently addressed;
  • Gain a knowledge on the alternative methodologies to maximize DC interference risk assessment at minimum cost;
  • Learn about the role of an advance computational modelling and its relation to field tests;
  • Have a possibility to register for a live demo of the discussed 3D computational DC modelling, presented on a customized case.