Tooling and Fixture Systems


The active tooling components as defined and optimised from a Computer Aided Engineering project (see Tooling Design) will include a collection of insulating shields, current robbers, conforming anodes or a combination thereof.

In order for these active tooling components to be mounted physically on the part in their proper position with adequate dimensional accuracy, a fixture and jig system is to be designed. This fixture and jig typically needs to fulfill several general requirements:

  • allow easy mounting on the part that is to be processed;
  • robust and dimensionally stable;
  • allow easy electrical contacting of the active components.

In a first stage, Elsyca generates the CAD of this fixture and jig system. Next, the CAD assembly, technical drawings and Bill of Materials are produced and transferred to the customer, in which case the customer takes care of building the entire tooling and fixture system. Alternatively, Elsyca will take care of ordering the different components and perform a pre-assembly check on the part (provided that the customer has made available a part to Elsyca) prior to shipping the prototype tooling and fixture system to the customer.

Above, a tooling and fixture system for hard chrome plating of a landing gear part is shown. The tooling system comprises plastic shields, current robbers and an auxiliary anode structure.

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