SAE EnvirAnode™ - High Performance Anode Beds


Elsyca supplies the innovative and high performance EnvirAnode™ system from SAE Inc. (Canada). The patented system provides sustainable deep or shallow ground anode beds for the cathodic protection of pipelines, storage tanks or other underground structures.


The EnvirAnode system consists of:

  • Anodes Extended Life (AEL)™ – a Ti/MMO anode in pre-cast in a super conductive Conducrete™ material
  • Conducrete® – robust, cementitious and carbonaceous material with low specific resistivity (ρmax = 0.06 Ωm)


The advantages of the EnvirAnode™ system compared to conventional anode beds are:

  • Longer lifetime – electronic reactions occur from the MMO anode to the surround to the backfill delaying the consumption of the anode material and increasing system life;
  • High performance at low energy – the large contact surface with the surrounding soil and the low specific resistivity give the EnvirAnodeTM system a low spread resistance resulting in a lower energy consumption and higher current output;
  • Easy installation – no need for out-gassing vent pipe, centering rings for ease-of-installation, current feeder cable embedded in pre-cast Conducrete® to avoid damage during installation;
  • Environment friendly –the EnvirAnode™ avoids risk of contamination of aquifiers since the Conducrete® is a solid material that seals the drill hole.

In addition to supplying anode beds, Elsyca also provides software or services to design from scratch the CP infrastructure for any given complexity.

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