SAE Conducrete® - High Conductive AC Drains


Elsyca supplies the innovative and highly conductive AC drainage system from SAE Inc. (Canada) which, thanks to its low contact resistance, is a cost-effective solution compared to conventional systems.

The AC drainage system consists of a copper wire embedded in Conducrete®, which is a robust, cementitious and carbonaceous material with low specific resistivity (ρmax = 0.06 Ωm).


The advantages of this solution compared to conventional systems are:

  • Longer lifetime – the copper wire does not corrode in Conducrete®;
  • High performance at low energy – the large contact surface with the surrounding soil and the low specific resistivity give the AC drain a low spread resistance resulting in a higher current dissipation and thus shorter required lengths;
  • Easy installation – Conducrete® is applied dry or as a slurry depending on the field conditions, both horizontal and vertical alignment are possible;
  • Prevents robbery – the copper wire is embedded in the Conducrete® solid material that seals the drill hole or trench after curing.

Elsyca's solutions

In addition to supplying AC drainage systems, Elsyca also provides software and services to troubleshoot and mitigate AC interference situations and to determine the amount and location of the AC drains.

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