For small batch type electrochemical cells designed by Elsyca (see also Cell design), Elsyca can also take care of pre-assembling the prototype cell at its lab facilities. This includes the construction of the thermostatically controlled electrolyte reservoir, fluid flow circuit, pumps, rotameters and rectifiers that are required for running wet tests.

Consequently a first series of wet runs tests (whether using the intended electrolyte or a simulant electrolyte) can be executed for evaluating the performance against that predicted performance from the simulations. The results from these wet runs tests (e.g. layer thickness in a series of specified P-points on the substrate) can be used to further fine tune the process conditions. These wet run tests also provide feedback on any practical challenges that might arise when operating the electrochemical cells (e.g. handling issues). In this way, revisions to the CAD of the cell can still be defined before final delivery to the customer.

Finally the complete prototype set-up including the plating or electropolishing cell and accessories are shipped to customer locations, completed with a report describing the results from the wet run tests.

A prototype cell as shown above was designed and constructed for plating rectangular substrates with a copper/indium/gallium layer as a process step for producing CIGs type solar cells.

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