Inspection & Survey


Elsyca has a team of cathodic protection specialists with extensive experience to meet the highest requirements in CP inspection, coating field surveys and ECDA CP. Our capabilities include:

  • pipeline location;
  • soil resistivity/chemical analysis;
  • electrical isolation measurements;
  • on/off potential measurements;
  • AC&DC interference studies.

At the core of the Elsyca CP field testing team are experienced NACE specialists. Experience and engineering insight are crucial to ensure the qualitative data capturing as well as the sound interpretation and understanding of measurement data:

  • All required surveys for input into BS7361-1, EN 13636:2004 - Cathodic protection of buried metallic tanks and related piping, EN 14505:2005 - Cathodic protection of complex structures, EN 50162:2004 - Protection against corrosion by stray current from direct current systems, with the objective of designing, auditing, and validating a detailed cathodic protection system;
  • Soil Corrosivity Surveys (ASTM G57 Wenner Four, Ohm Mapping and Soil Sampling and Analysis (DIN 50929-3)) for both pipeline routing and anode ground bed locations;
  • Pipe-to-Soil Potential Surveys (both static and dynamic using scope meters and/or data loggers (AC and DC)), which incorporate stray current interference surveys (transit and ICCP), polarized or "IR Free" potential surveys, AC potential surveys;
  • Current Drainage Tests (CDT) to determine the coating conductance of buried pipelines and to determine interference factors and "deleterious" current drains;
  • Pipeline Current Mapping (PCM) surveys to determine the coating quality and any deleterious locations (coating defects and "unwanted earths"). In addition to this, the data can be inputted into BS PD8010 or ASME B31 as part of the pipeline assessment requirements;
  • AC corrosion mitigation according to EN15280.

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