Chemical & Nuclear Sites


Industrial plants comprise many meters of complex underground pipe networks and the integrity of the pipeline network and its corrosion protection systems are of paramount importance to ensure safe and uninterrupted operation of the plant.

For such underground pipeline systems surveys are difficult to execute due to the congested nature of the plant area and difficult access. Moreover grounded structures can interfere with the cathodic protection system.

Elsyca's technology and services support our industrial clients with designing, troubleshooting, and inspecting/surveying CP systems, ultimately providing valuable knowledge and insights.

Elsyca can help with:

  • the design of new CP systems;
  • troubleshooting malfunctioning existing CP systems;
  • determining the influence of grounded structures such as earth groundings on CP performance;
  • providing support on corrosion risk assessment by comparing field surveys with simulation results;
  • predictions of the long-term effects of coating degradation.

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