Elsyca XPlorer is an interactive simulation results viewer. It was specifically designed to share the 3D simulation results with the end user/customer. While a report provides static graphical information on layer thickness and current density distribution, Elsyca XPlorer enables the user to interactively interrogate the simulation results for further analysis.

Key Features

Key features are:

  • free-of-charge and stand-alone application that does not require any third party components/software;
  • very fast and robust, specifically developed to display results from electrochemical simulations;
  • rotate, pan, zoom in and out, hide part(s);
  • switch between different simulation results (e.g. layer thickness, current density);
  • change scale;
  • display the simulated value on any area (mouse click or hover) or on probe lines;
  • save / load layouts;
  • possibility to run several Elsyca XPlorer applications simultaneously, making it very easy to compare different simulation results and experimental results.

Elsyca XPlorer provides full visualization and analysis capabilities to virtually any user. The software is free-of-charge (binary result files are generated from the different Elsyca software simulations products using the optional Elsyca XPlorerWriter module).

Free Software Download

The Elsyca XPlorer software is free to download:

Elsyca XPlorer allows you to interactively display by Elsyca computed project results on any PC. As an Elsyca report typically contains color plots on the layer thickness and current density over the product parts, Elsyca XPlorer enables operations as rotating, zooming or moving the product part, changing color scales, copy to clipboard, and more, all this in a very fast and flexible way.

NOTE: Elsyca XPlorer functionality does not include the actual simulation (The simulation results are generated by other Elsyca applications like Elsyca PlatingMaster, Elsyca PlatingManager or Elsyca CorrosionMaster. Please contact Elsyca if you would like to find out more about the simulation software.)

To view the capabilities and user friendliness of Elsyca XPlorer, or if you want to view the results of your Elsyca project with Elsyca XPlorer, you can download the installation instructions here.

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