Elsyca Elsy2D is a simulation software tool for the analysis and optimization of electroplating and electrochemical machining processes on two dimensional and axi-symmetrical cell configuration cross sections. Elsyca Elsy2D predicts current density and deposited layer thickness distributions over the electrodes as contained in the cell configuration.

The unique user interface allows defining cell configuration cross sections that are entirely based on parameterized dimensions, allowing for a very fast modification of these dimensions towards optimal cell performance.

Key Features

Key features of the basic software package are:

  • robust and very fast simulation of current density and layer thickness distributions for complex 2D and AX configurations;
  • database of polarization curves for both decorative and functional plating baths;
  • possibility to extend electrolyte database with customer specific electrolytes;
  • comprehensive visualization of current density and layer thickness profiles along the electrodes, electrode shape change profiles;
  • and current density vector plots in the electrolyte domain.

Additional modules allow:

  • introducing mass transfer limitations for electrode reactions;
  • defining an entirely versatile electrical feeding network comprising multiple rectifiers and resistors;
  • computing shape change of the electrodes over an arbitrary number of user defined time steps (for electroforming and electrochemical machining applications);
  • defining moving cathode / anode tools for electroforming and electrochemical machining applications;
  • defining a foil movement trajectory for reel-to-reel plating applications.

In addition the parameter optimization module allows for an fully automated tuning of a user defined subset of dimensional cell parameters towards optimal cell performance, whereby the user can define any possible target function based on current density, layer thickness distribution or electrode shape.

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