Elsyca CurveAnalyzer


Elsyca CurveAnalyzer is an expert software for decomposing the corrosive polarization behavior of a metal substrate in contact with an aqueous environment into the 3 elementary reaction contributions: the hydrogen evolution, the oxygen reduction and the metal oxidation.

Elsyca CurveAnalyzer is used by engineers to investigate the uniform corrosion rate of a metal substrate in contact with an aqueous environment, but also by experts who wish to gain a more profound insight into the kinetics of the corrosion phenomenon.

Key features

Key features are:

  • LSV (linear sweep voltammetry) files from most common potentiostats can be read;
  • applicable to noble, reactive, non-passivating and passivating substrates;
  • reactions modeled as Butler-Volmer (Tafel Plot) type kinetic reaction;
  • mass transfer limitation for oxygen supply to the substrate is accounted for;
  • user-defined overpotential window for fitting reaction parameters;
  • automatic correction for ohmic drop in electrolyte between working and reference electrode;
  • default output files available in Microsoft Excel format;
  • input file format for Elsyca CorrosionMaster simulations automatically created.

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