Elsyca Computer Based Training (CBT)


Elsyca's Computer Based Training (CBT) software is designed for students as well as plating professionals that wish to develop a practical understanding of plating processes and the impact of auxiliary tooling. Based on Elsyca's simulation technology, the CBT calculates current density and deposited layer thickness distributions on pre-defined components, and identifies problem areas as well as variations in layer thickness between different parts on a rack. The user immediately sees and understands the impact of changing the part orientation, the rack load, the tooling configuration (shields, current robbers, conforming anodes) and relevant process parameters.

Key Features

Key features are:

  • a stand-alone application that does not require any third party components/software;
  • includes a 'palette' of pre-defined parts, tooling components, and plating infrastructure - customer-defined examples and tooling can be integrated by Elsyca upon request;
  • performs realistic simulations of various parts and tooling configurations;
  • executes virtual experiments by:
    • varying plating process parameters;
    • (de-)selecting tooling components (shields, robbers, auxiliary anodes);
    • re-positioning tooling components (translation, rotation);
  • generates output files for Elsyca XPlorer, the visualization and post-processing environment that allows sharing 3D simulation results with other stakeholders;
  • intuitive and easy to use, hence very short learning curve.

Elsyca's CBT tool is a fun yet effective way to learn more about optimizing plating processes with various approaches. This virtual plating simulator emulates the real-life process so that users develop a fast understanding of the impact of potential changes to the configuration. The software is very intuitive and comes with a number of relevant predefined examples.

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