Increasing efficiency of the PoP process: the Hansgrohe way


“The PoP process is a multi-step plating process which encounters several challenges, such as impact of the part design on under- and over-plated surface areas, risks of Ni show and Cr burn, and not so obvious way toward process optimization. Upfront information on the metal layer thickness distribution over newly designed part programs helps in evaluating whether the throwing power of the plating solution or/and plating line infrastructure are suitable, or some process adjustments need to be implemented. (…) Addressing the above by predictive modeling approach brings great saving in time and money, increasing at the same time production capacity.” - said Christophe Tschaar, Technical Specialist at Hansgrohe SE, on his experience with the Elsyca electroplating simulation technology.

Christophe commented that Hansgrohe has achieved a 33% production increase when relying on the Elsyca simulation technology in the early design and process planning stages. This allowed them to address all potential process risk issues before the actual coating deposition treatment could begin.

    Read more about Hansgrohe's experience in the latest customer case note, which is now available for download.

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