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More and more automotive suppliers embrace the Elsyca PlatingManager software to optimize their electroplating processes. These companies step up the co-operation with their customers by sharing the simulation reports and deciding together on the compromise between cost and quality of the plating process. Audi is now one of the first automotive manufacturers in Europe to embrace the same technology in view of design optimization and validation with respect to the electroplating process.

Supported by the enthusiastic response of early customers, Elsyca PlatingManager has already positioned itself as the standard for this industry.

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The piping system of a nuclear plant has a very complex configuration and interacts with existing grounding system, storage tanks and even concrete foundation of buildings. The design and maintenance of CP systems of such underground structure is a real challenge and it is difficult to control the CP configuration right the first time resulting expensive trial and error procedures...

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Elsyca is the engineering innovation partner of choice for corrosion engineering and corrosion resistant design, cathodic protection & AC mitigation, as well as for surface finishing and electrochemical manufacturing. With a powerful combination of a unique computer simulation technology and practical engineering skills, Elsyca is capable of designing, modeling, simulating and optimizing the complete range of electrochemical processes. For the...

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