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Elsyca's CorrosionMaster received great attention at the 1st International Conference on Corrosion Protection and Application(ICCPA) in Chongqing, one of China's cities with the highest risk for atmospheric corrosion. Contact our representative GLB for more info.

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Last week the United States Department of Defense (DoD) held its biennial Corrosion Conference. Representing Elsyca NV at the conference was Dr. Ing. Agnieszka Franczak. Dr. Franczak, Sales Engineer Elsyca NV delivered a presentation to delegates which focused on how Computer Aided Analysis is an effective solution in corrosion risk assessment, starting already at the design stage.

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Corrosion Durability Improvement Team is a research department which studies which method has the most excellent anti-corrosive performance regarding corrosion problems caused by diverse environmental factors.

The team is planning to do a galvanic corrosion research for automotive parts with welded dissimilar materials by using Elsyca CorrosionMaster.

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